And that’s the End of that Adventure

We were a month in the States.  We left Tony and Steph in Portland and cruised down through green, beary (I saw one) Oregon in the rain.  One Warm Showers host (complete with home cooking) led to another (where a small party was held in our honour) and another (where we were given free run of an apartment for as long as we liked), so we didn’t mind the dampness too much.  That kind of hospitality brings a tear to my eye.

Tony and Steph, just putting their names out there, TONY AND STEPH

Grits and biscuits at breakfast at our Warm Showers hosts’ house. Note the room has a golden glow from the goodness of the breakfast and the people 


The sun came out in California and we enjoyed some stunning coastal scenery and sweet tailwinds.  We took a random side route (the main road has quite a bit of traffic) and visited a friend we had met in Nicaragua.  This involved a couple of days of tough mountain bike touring and fear of mountain lions but was well worth the pain.

The Lost Coast, NoCal

She let us camp up in her tree


I was well impressed by the beauty of the West Coast, and the organisation of the State Parks.  There were enough parks that we could camp every night, and most also had a special site just for people with bikes (Bike RIGHTS).  This meant we didn’t have to be right next to the enormous camper vans (the biggest ones are as big as buses).

Hiker Biker campsite in the redwoods

In camp restroom.  Austerity measures seriously affect Californian campers

Ultimately, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.  The Bay was glorious in the evening light, and we reflected on our travels as we left the countryside for the big city, metaphorically and physically.

Actually there were one million annoying tourists stopping and standing in our way, and we were tired, smelly and cranky. We also had to carry the bikes up two flights of stairs, and then we got lost looking for our hostel. I cried twice.

San Fran (apparently locals hate it when you call it that) was excellent, more great food and company.  And then, after 18 months of adventures (including nearly a whole year’s cycling, but only (?) 14,000 km, that was all.  The bikes were packed into boxes for the last time and we exchanged Bay Area fog for Auckland fog and then Auckland fog for Wellington awesomeness. Thanks for reading the blog (and tolerating my overuse of brackets), and indulging with us a little in our extended biking-eating holiday.

We celebrated Independence Day with a trip to Oakland for Chicken and Waffles (to be eaten together with maple syrup). I love lunch.

Love from Kath and Andrew

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3 Responses to And that’s the End of that Adventure

  1. Somon says:

    See you soon then 🙂

  2. Phlipp and Angela says:

    Hey! We are back home too! We arrived in Germany first week of June and then it took us three more weeks to cycle home… Good time for acclimation!!! We liked to read your blog! Muchos Saludos to New Zealand! Philipp and Angela

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