Costa Rica: Just like Lord Of The Rings

Costa Rica is like Noah’s ark without Jesus. So many exciting animals! On the boat up the river from Nicaragua (you can’t cycle on water) we spotted turtles, monkeys, fish, a cayman – pretty much a crocodile – and lots of pretty birds. During the three or four days we cycled there we were lucky enough to spot a few iguanas and even a sloth. 


Hitch-hiking baby iguana


But who has the scarier eyes?

The country is beautiful too. Forests and rivers and volcanoes are everywhere. Most of them are full of hordes of tourists which made a change from the rest of central america. There are a lot of other similarities to home too. The roads were narrower and had more traffic. The weather changed all the time, and normally to rain. 


Like Taranaki but more bananas


There is a sloth and an iguana in this photo. 10 points if you can see either. 


ImageThese ants pick leaves, carry them home, chew them and then vomit them out, and eat the fungus that later grows on the vomit. They are farmers. 


The prosperity of Costa Rica was enjoyable as a visitor too. The hotels were nicer and there was a boutique beer brand. Supermarkets are full of different (processed) things and guards outside banks and chicken restaurants don’t have shotguns. There were bogans and obese people. 

ImageShe is still excited about the sloth


 Finally, here are our maps of cycling in this part of the world. Next post will be from the USA and feature words such as pavement and mom. ImageImage

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2 Responses to Costa Rica: Just like Lord Of The Rings

  1. Cam says:

    … pedal boats … you dirty rotten cheaters …

    Also – your maps are exceptional.

  2. Gail Powell says:

    Yep, great maps.
    I get 10 points. I saw both.
    And I bet my snake was bigger than yours–at least 2 m long, irredescent green, and extremely persistent. Climbed out from under the mosquito net (of our tree house bed) and we chased it off, then went treking and zip lining, and when we came back it climbed out of the bed a second time. This time we bashed it to death–without a murmur of disapproval from anyone! See you soon. Gail

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