The Plan

People always ask us where we are cycling to. Normally we lie and make something up. Sometimes we think we know and tell them, but then change our minds the next day. Now things are different though! Now we have A Plan. We bought the cheapest plane tickets so can´t even change it. We will: 

1. keep cycling and adeventuring round Central America till the end of May.

2. fly to Portland, Oregon, USA. 

3. cycle to San Francisco. 

4. fly home (to Wellignton) (then me (Andrew) a few days later to Chch)

5. resume normal life in the Wellington winter. 

Cool eh? By the time we get home we will have sucessfully have flown all the way around the world, with a few minor legs cycled as well. The other option we considered was to keep cycling into South America and then fly home from Chile. This would have meant going in one direction for more than a month or two at a time, which wouldn’t fit the rest of our trip, so we decided to go for the direction reversal to the USA instead. 

See most of you soon, hooray! 


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5 Responses to The Plan

  1. Tony Hawke says:

    Hooray! Portland! Best plan ever!

  2. Fanny says:

    What what what ???
    We have to be faster to catch you up before end of May !!!!! I can not believe it !!!! Good for you though ! What about our subjontivo race ? 😉


  3. andrewnweiling says:

    Plan sounds Rad,
    i wish i could speak spanish

  4. Gail Powell says:

    Whoopee! I want to book in a long debrief!

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