Mexico es Mas Bella en Bici, by Kath

Our first day cycle touring in Mexico was a complete gong show.  We had chosen a steep, supposedly quiet road that climbs between two 5000m volcanoes just outside of Mexico City.  Unfortunately, so did 5000 Defeños on their Sunday drive.  This created a giant traffic jam on top of the mountain, that we had to squeeze our way through.  It was still beautiful though, and meant that there were lots of little old ladies selling quesadillas with special mushrooms that only grow on corn plants.


The tranquility

The tranquility


Down from the mountain, we cycled for about a week through hot, dry, hilly cowboy country, staying in little colonial towns with pretty colonial churches.   Whenever we stopped for vitamin T (tortas or tacos or tlayudas), we would practice our Spanish with the nice chatty Mexicans, many of whom who had lived in the States at some stage.  Some of these guys spoke about paying $3000 to a Cayote who smuggled them across the boarder, others about walking for 10 days in the desert or swimming  the river.  One man who invited us into his house for coffee, was arrested twice and bussed straight back into Mexico.  He still went back  – to earn $4 an hour for a racist boss – and said that it was worth the effort.


If I was a plant I would photosynthesise with my trunk too

One night we asked if we could camp in a town square, and the president kindly let us pitch up next to the jail.


We finally arrived in Oaxaca City, and liked it so much that we stayed for two weeks, living in our new tent (Hugh) on the roof of a hostel, and studying Spanish. 

Our Spanish course also involved cultural activities. I learnt how to make tamales and tortillas and Andrew wove up a storm.

Oaxaca is the land of the seven moles (sauces, not animals). This one is mole negro and contains fifty ingredients including chocolate and four types of chiles.

The Friday night group bike ride "Oaxaca es mas bella en bici", where 200 cyclists ride through town, yelling "bici si, coche no"


To finish off, we spent four days missioning through the mountains down to the coast.  Inspired by some other cyclists, we took some incredible, tough roads through tiny towns and lonely pine forests.  When we hit the coast it was ridiculously hot and humid, so we hopped on a bus for twelve hours back into the hills of the state of Chiapas.  Tomorrow we are back on the bikes and heading towards Guatemala. 

Kath´s new highlighter pink top, which is currently battling with Andrew´s pale blue "Mexico" cap with neck flap in a fight for dorkiest article of clothing



I heart Mexico, says Andrew´s hat

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4 Responses to Mexico es Mas Bella en Bici, by Kath

  1. If I were a plant, I wouldn’t live in the desert.

  2. Cam says:

    If you were a plant I would harvest you …

  3. kiwiaddo says:

    I really like the hat. Would you consider a hat swap?

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