Cycling in Kazakstan; Finished

Our trip finished with a three day ride across the edge of the Kazakstan steppes and into Almaty. It was nice to end with some easy cycling and beautiful campsites. Despite the flat roads we couldn´t beat Tony and Steph´s best so they still hold the world record for longest cycle in one day ever.

Flat road towards Almaty

Beautiful Campsite

We thought we´d finished after we´d arrived into the center of Almaty, and enjoyed a well-deserved beer on arrival. The ride into the city was the most dangerous of our whole trip, but Almaty seemed like a nice city to relax in for a few days. Our mad host Tas had other ideas however, and we spent our remaining time riding mountain bike races and scrambling up the sides of mountains.

Kath tries to keep up

…and then flew back to Spain. Ukraine International graced us with a wonderful example of that famous cuisine “airline food” and deposited us and bikes safely and soundly in the land of ham. Goodbye and good riddance to boiled mutton fat! Here is the long-awaited graph of our weight changes during the trip: The red line is my weight, and the green is the size of Kath´s calves.

Graph: The red line is my weight, and the green is the size of Kath´s calves.

Perhaps aided by her super-calf muscles, or perhaps because she didn´t carry enough of our gear, Kath rode the whole 7336.3km of our trip without getting a puncture. This is unfair. Otherwise it was good. We will be in Madrid till Christmas or so, and won´t be doing much interesting, so this is the last blog post for a while. Here is a cheesy photo atop a ridge near Almaty to finish. Thanks for reading. Andrew.

Hooray! No more cycling

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2 Responses to Cycling in Kazakstan; Finished

  1. gail powell says:

    Don’t have the NZ record–7336 km if you give a weighting for the number of mountain passes over say 3000 meters? I am sure you have the record in anyone I know, have ever known or might know for the rest of my life!

  2. Thanks Gail. Out of our friends I think we have cycled quite a lot. But of the cyclists in Central Asia we were mere jokers.

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