The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

Leaving the Afghan boarder, we crossed the Pamir Plateau, a high altitude cycle tourist mecca, a mini Tibet.  Two weeks, six 4000m + passes, desolate plains, yaks, yurts, 7000m+ snowy peaks, the Chinese boarder, a diet of noodles and apricot kernels and Snickers bars, not very much oxygen, a giant copper sulfate coloured lake, marmots, amazing space (even more amazing than Methven).  Incredible.  Also exhausting.

Sadly, no photos as I dropped my camera on the first day.  Here’s another cyclist’s photos of the same trip:

(Blatantly stolen of the website of Ben Rowlands, )

Now we are off to explore Kyrgzstan.  I have a new camera, so promise actual blog post next time.

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One Response to The Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

  1. Milly says:

    Hey Kath and Andrew! Fab to see your blog and really sorry we didn’t meet up with you again… more bike dramas meant we returned to Khorog for a few days after the Wakhan to try and collect some new tyres sent from the UK (that never made it!!) before we headed back to finish the loop from Murgab down the Bartang. The rest of our trip was totally fantastic and now we’re back at work and it feels like it never happened! We got your sweet note via Manuel half way down the Bartang, so thank you! I do hope all is going well in Kyrgyzstan… we have been wondering how you are getting on and whether the tummies have recovered! Would be fab to meet up if you fancy a weekend in the UK, or maybe we’ll make it over to Madrid! Much love, Milly and Will

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