Greece – 5000km – Cool

We rode ınto Greece. Kath and her basil plant almost got ınto trouble on the border as they thought we were the stupıdest smugglers ever. One of the customs guys came and introduced hımself then took a sample of Peter. He looked confused then bemused but let us go in. You would have to be quite silly to carry illegal plants over the border rıght?
 In the north Greece was green. We styed ın a mountaın town wıth thermal baths. It was lıke Bulgaria at three times the price.
Greece is green?

Several bumps down the mountains and we got to the hot hot plains… 

 And found we had cycled 5000km for the trip. Cool. I spent the whole tıme lookıng out for yellow flowers because a few years ago on the traın from Istanbul to Athens Tony Hawke woke me up to show me them out the wındow but alas there werent any this time. The wheat was a bit yellow though.


Our nıce host Patrıck cycled on with us for half a day.  

With Patrick

We stayed ın Alexandropolis and there was a big rally to protest at the austerity measures due to Greece,s debt, corruptıon, etc. We joıned ın the marchıng but ıt was a bit tiring – these crazy Greeks don,t even start theır protests till 9pm. And then we went to Turkey.

Poser posing


by Andrew


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3 Responses to Greece – 5000km – Cool

  1. gail powell says:

    Kath and Andrew, Cool!! I am so envious! Gail

  2. Tony Hawke says:

    Yellow Flowers!!!! Sorry to hear you didn’t spot any, they really are quite a sight, well worth missing a few minutes sleep over.

  3. Dave H says:

    You guys do realise that since you started this trip about half the countries you have been in (or even thought about) have descended into civil unrest and protests against the states!!….Egypt, Syriah, Greece, Spain, Jordan and the French seem kinda pissed off as well…I think you guys might be the cause of the global problems! You probably shouldn’t come back around the election time here just in case.

    Greece weren’t even really all that annoyed before you got there! ; )

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