Across Kosovo

We cycled across Kosovo from Albania to Macedonia. It was awesome. Did you know that

– they are mostly ethnic Albanians?

– Turkish is an official language?

– tanks have different speed limits from the rest of us?

Neither did we. People were very friendly but clearly much more used to seeing foreigners around than they were in the Albanian hinterland, though they were sometimes surprised that we were tourists. We arrived on Saturday from Albania and rode into Prizren. A lovely little town in which the old quarter is being frantically renewed by all sorts of NATO / UN / German / Austrian / Turkish / NGOs etc. There were approximately 100000000 people there on sat night (10000% of the population of Kosovo) and bands playing in the streets etc which we presumed was some sort of festival. Turns out that Prizren is quite the little party town and that it is a weekly occurance. Next day we rode up a gorge out of town and over a 1500m pass. On the way down it, the thunderstorms started. Kath the cycling sadist was in heaven. I was tired and wet. Eventually after sheltering for several restorative drinks we made it shivering to the Macedonian border. The extremely helpful Kosovon border guard helpfully arranged a bus we could jump on (with bikes) and then insisted that we go back into Kosovo to have a coffee while we waited for the bus, despite her having already tagged us out of the country. And that was Kosovo. Cool. Here are some photos arranged in Cam Davis friendly fashion.



Cool road

Cool mountainsCool mountainsCool mountains

Tank speed limit

Cheating but dry

by Andrew

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4 Responses to Across Kosovo

  1. Tony Hawke says:

    Living the dream! I like Cam Davis style photos… well, I like Cam Davis style anything really.

  2. Cam Davis says:

    Hey thanks guys – thats really nice 😉

  3. andrewnweiling says:

    Tank Touring, thats my next hobby

  4. Fred Lepic says:


    Ciao guys!…
    How are you, and…where are you now??..
    Glad to read nice things about you HUGE trip, nice and funny things: “Kath the cycling sadist..” is legendary! :-))
    Well, I have many good memories of your visiting here…I miss you…and the pics are amazing too. As soon is possible I’ll send you.
    Hope to read some good news of you very soon, I wish you all the best: CIAO, UN FUERTE ABRAZO!

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