Very Important Person

I forgot to say, I have a new basil plant, and his name is Peter (after famous Montenegran poet)

Some questions for blog readers…

a) Did Andrew or Kath write this post?

b) Is blogging a basil plant over the top?

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8 Responses to Very Important Person

  1. Fraser says:

    My money’s on Kath. The beauty of blogging is that you can speak your mind; if basil is what is on your mind, then that is okay. I’m interested in future updates about how the basil plant fares in its travels.

  2. Cam Davis says:


  3. colin says:

    a = kath
    b = yes.. although like fraser i want to know how peter goes.

  4. Dave D says:


    And I’m more interested to know if Peter is pulling his weight on the pedaling front!

  5. Cam Davis says:

    So what is the answer – who blogged???

  6. Luggate Fiend says:

    Definitely Kath. He’s a real cutie!!!!

  7. Luggate Fiend says:

    ps tell Peter I’m single

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