Cycling in Croatia


From Ancona we caught the ferry to Split, in Croatia. It was exciting because the whole point of this trip was to cycle round eastern Europe. Cycling in Spain, France, and Italy was great but was really just a fun prelude… although it often wasn’t predictable or easy, we did know more or less what we were in for. Now everything is new and exciting!   Cycling in Croatia has been great. We took three more ferries in the first three days, hopping around islands and peninsulas, avoiding the busier mainland road. Lots of beaches and forests and hills. Like the Malborough Sounds maybe, except al the houses have red-tiled roofs. We stayed in a campervan courtesy of couchsurfing, and have otherwise been camping. Kath saw another snake, and we saw tuna jumping out of the water on one of the ferry rides. We found a scorpion in the tent, or maybe it was a black beetle. Today we will ride to Montenegro.

By Andrew.

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  1. holly walker says:

    What I did in my holidays. By Andrew

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