The other things we did in Spain

1.  Cycled 1300 km up and down hills

2.  Stayed with awesome people from couchsurfing/ warm showers in Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla, Granada, Orgiva, Vera, Cieza, Cheste, Puerto Sagunto, Olot.   Very nice people to put up with our smelliness.  We were also invited into the home of a Belgian couple for lunch

3. Spent some lovely sunny days in Barcelona, such  a cool place, the perfect mix of bicycles and hipsters and beaches and languages

4.  Locked myself in a hotel bathroom and had to use the leatherman tool to remove the door

5.  Gathered food from the side of the road:  olives yuck oranges yuck a mandarin yum an artichoke interesting

6.  Camped in an olive grove when our bikes became so clogged up with clay that we couldn’t even push them any more

7.  Drank goon in front of Gaudi

8.  Cycled over the Pyranees

9.  Watched and felt Spring start

10.  Read the news about the Middle East and felt relieved not to be there

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One Response to The other things we did in Spain

  1. kirsten says:

    grrrr look at those muscles.

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