Food we ate in Spain

Food we ate in Spain

by Katherine Anne Haines

Five stars for Food ****   Five stars for Service *****   Five stars for pork products ****

I think I said that this would be a food blog and so far have only mentioned tapas;  so here is a picture of ham to make Tony Hawke jealous.  We fuelled ourselves everyday for a month with tasty ham and tomato sandwiches and my new main goal in life is to have a giant leg of ham hanging up in the kitchen.  Apparently back in the olden days when the Spanish were getting rid of Arab culture in the south, the ham police would go around checking to make sure that your house hold contained at least half a cured pig.

One awesome thing about Spanish restaurants is the menu del dia where you get three courses and sometimes unlimited wine for about eight euros, or fifty five NZ dollars.  It feels fancy even if they are just splitting one big meal between four different courses.

Here is our menu del dia from RestDayBarcelona….

Giraffe Man’s  subtly salty anchovy and tuna rolls were a nice change from ham sandwiches, served over mesclun with a balsamic reduction.  My crisp egg covered prawns  were nicely balanced with green leaves; and, while the meatballs were a litte salty, the stuffed aubergine was lovely and cheesy.  As was the cheese cake to finish.



OK….  OK….  I’m no David Burton…





good cheese cake though…


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2 Responses to Food we ate in Spain

  1. Tony Hawke says:

    That jamon looks fantastic! I am so jealous. Have fun in France, enjoy the saucisson and tomato filled baguettes.

  2. kiwiaddo says:

    Even the giraffes look well feed. Have you cooked green curry for your hosts yet Andy?

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