Spain: Madrid, Bilbao, Seville

Disclaimer: this is a guest post by Andrew. It is about neither cycling nor food.

Spain is good. We started cycling today. It is a bit cold here
and has snowed a few times but a few weeks ago it was around 25C so it
will hopefully warm up soon. We left from Seville which is the last big
city in europe before Africa… it is awesome here, the whole province
was arab for 500 years and heaps of the buildings have arabic looks –
even the huge cathedral, whose tower used to be a minaret. We went to
visit a palace. There are oranges growing in the streets bu they are special sour ones which noone eats. If we live
here I will brew them into a new kind of wine secretly while kath is
at work. We had a fun four hours reassembling our bikes at the bus
station yesterday, especially when we found a piece missing off my
rear axle, and then I broke my brakes. Eventually got it all sorted
though and good to go. We went to the Guggenhiem
museum in bilbao and saw cool paintings and stuff by famous modernist
and expressionist artists.

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  1. murray says:

    More! I want more!

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